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Francisco Guerra

Owner & CEO of Guerra Holdings

This is My Story

While on vacation In 2006, Francisco Guerra CEO of Explorer Helicopters bartered his business savvy and legal instincts for a helicopter ride from a company mired in legal woes. To the good fortune of that company, Francisco’s insightful advice not only saved the owners from tens of thousands of dollars in fines, but enabled them to sell their $40K company within a year of its purchase for nearly half a million dollars.

In 2002 the president of a Fortune 500 company approached Francisco for assistance in liberating his company from stagnation. He hired Francisco to galvanize his inefficient board into action and bring alive his vision. Francisco not only accomplished this, his ongoing counsel raised the company to a level of performance that transcended the competition and earned them funding for 10 years of development, placing them squarely on a course that has generated an annual growth of over 30% ever since.

The story of entrepreneur Francisco Guerra is rich in humanity while elegant in its simplicity. His family immigrated to the U.S. from Cuba when he was 5 years old, and ever since his journey has been characterized by self-transformation and ascendance to the success he now enjoys. His path has quite literally been paved with cobblestones of magic and invention, carrying him from a 14-year stint as a stage magician through world-class inventions that have been embraced from Disneyland to Hollywood. Among the great lessons along the way, Francisco mastered the art of the presentationÑfrom the compelling stage persona he created as a magician to the packaging of his inventions. In 2002, Time magazine ranked one of his inventions among the best of the year. Yet there is so much more to this simple story, for at its heart is the heart of Francisco himself. Indeed, great as Francisco’s business acumen is, it is superseded by his humanity. He embodies that rare coupling of unerring business wisdom with personal accessibility; with a kindness that is exceptional for so busy and charismatic an individual. As a CEO, fairness is his bottom line. Such are among the qualities that make Explorer Helicopters more than just another company.

“Inventorpreneur” multi-millionaire Francisco Guerra is a serial inventor and entrepreneur whose legions of inventions are distributed globally. Particularly known for his inventions in the special effects industry–most especially his snow machine–Francisco’s inventions are featured in every major theme park around the world, as well as throughout the film and music video industry. In fact, if you’ve ever been to Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World or Busch Gardens, or if you’ve ever seen Twilight, Harry Potter, Elf or The Grinch, you’ve probably experienced one of Francisco’s inventions for yourself.